WordPress Fast Track

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If you think that becoming a WordPress Expert in a short period of time is impossible, then that change of mind is about to change today.

As you already knew, WordPress has powered the 26% of websites all over the internet and this is a huge market right? If you will not take advantage to it, you end up like leaving those money in front of you.

Inside this video series, you are about to learn the advance and fastest way how to master WordPress website building.



Topics Covered:

Video 01: What is WordPress
Video 02: WordPress.org VS WordPress.com
Video 03: Logging into WordPress
Video 04: The WordPress Dashboard
Video 05: The WordPress Admin Toolbar
Video 06: Settings
Video 07: Pages and Posts in WordPress
Video 08: Writing a Post in WordPress
Video 09: Inserting Pictures into a Post in WordPress
Video 10: The Media Libray
Video 11: Formatting Your Posts in WordPress
Video 12: How to Schedule Your Posts
Video 13: Categories and Tags
Video 14: Pages in WordPress
Video 15: Pages in WordPress
Video 16: Page Templates
Video 17: WordPress Plugins
Video 18: Installing Plugins in WordPress
Video 19: WordPress Themes
Video 20: Customizing Appearance
Video 21: Installing WordPress Themes
Video 22: Making a Custom Menu
Video 23: Comments in Your WordPress Site
Video 24: Users in Your WordPress Site

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